1. Never Trip.


  2. sfmomaBrittany Saraceno.

    My art on the Museum of Modern Art: MOMA tumblr.

    Blessed to be in the company of other inspiring modern artists and recognized by the people at MOMA.



    The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, together with the Goss-Michael Foundation and Dallas Contemporary, present the third iteration of “MTV RE:DEFINE” – an art exhibition and benefit auction.

    Held in the 37,000-square-foot public exhibition room at Dallas Contemporary, the exhibition is co-curated by The Future Tense and Peter Doroshenko. Artists include Damien Hirst, Richard Phillips, Sarah Lucas, Julian Schnabel, Jim Lambie, Mat Collishaw, Josh Abelow, Daniel Arsham and many more. Enjoy a peek into the exhibition above and bid on your favorite piece now over at Paddle8.




  6. I’d rather be your parallel line, than two lines that cross in the middle & then drift away… Forever



  8. I remember wishing on an eyelash that you would stay.

    How foolish of me to carelessly let go of a part of my body put there to protect me.

    But, here I stand.

    Blinded in the midst of the smoke and debris remaining from the collapse of the pedestal I once placed you on.

    Not again will I wish away a part of myself in hopes it will pull another closer.

    At least i know that eyelash will grow back.


  9. Count me in, HOE


  10. BIPPU Bitch.


  11. Your sins into me.