1. Screwston. Don’t Trip.


  2. Don’t Trip. Everywhere you wanna be….


  3. Try Angles & Rolled Angels


  4. Some day

    I will write a book about you,
So you can read my words and see yourself
    Through my eyes.

    Lingering assortments of jaded memories.
    I’ll carry our story,
    into a printed labyrinth
    of our
    woven history.


  5. And if I loved you Wednesday,
Well, what is that to you?
I do not love you Thursday—
So much is true.

And why you come complaining
Is more than I can see.
I loved you Wednesday,—yes—but what
Is that to me?


  6. I love you.


  7. I imagine us
    Living inside a Death Cab song,
    Shaded by the towering trees,
    Refreshed by the relentless rain,
    Dipping our toes in the salted sea,
    The heated wind blowing my hair,
    Our fingers intertwined,
    As our steamed flesh presses together,
    Nothing but stars in the black sky above,
    Their shine reflected in your deep eyes,
    The depth of the ocean stretched out against the horizon.


  8. Alexander Spit. I love thee


  9. Perhaps it is
    merely a speculation
    I’ve embedded in my mind
    that you will never be able to
    love me enough
    for I am so temperamental
    and mostly,

Perhaps it is
merely a speculation
You’ve embedded in your mind
that I will never be able to
love you enough
for you are so temperamental
and mostly,


  10. ❤️


  11. “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.” -Robert Frost


  12. chamoycitylimits

    Took a field trip to find the Chamoycitylimits’ truck and feel in love at first lick! These QUEENS are holdin in down for Texas!

    You can call 210-744-0000 to find out where they are located around San Antonio. Trust me, is well worth the tracking down efforts!

    At first, we tried the Pink Liche & Léche Quamada… They were so amazing! So, being the inner 12 year olds we are, we went back!

    On the second go ‘round we chose the Isle of Misfits & they sampled us the Piccadilly Circus as well! Basically, it was a cheat day yesterday….

    This place is seriously the answer to all south Texas summer time heat prayers. With a flavor for everyone, this is a San Antonio MUST for all who wish to enjoy a chic & sexy take on the classic summer time snow cone.



  14. On the ONE TIME #donttrip


  15. millimob:

    millimob by queenboom on Flickr.

    Definitley one of my all-time faves by la lovely reyna QB